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WoodChaCallIt Toy and Wood Crafters (WCCItoys) is the Toy Maker of Lunenburg's Affiliated Business

WoodChaCallI Toy Crafters is a Canadian wooden toy manufacturer helping parents, grandparents and caregivers nurture children’s creativity and promote open-ended play through innovative, fun-to-play-with, educational, wooden toys and woodcrafts. All of our products are built with our own children in mind and as such we have ensured that for your children these hand-crafted toys are durable, eco-friendly and of high-quality. All our products are made in Canada, guaranteeing they are safe and non-toxic for your children – how many mass-produced toys truly have all of those qualities?

In a continuing effort to serve you better, we purchased the well-established and respected Toy Maker of Lunenburg brand and product line that holds similar values and complementary products. The Toy Maker of Lunenburg children’s wooden toys, games and adult brain teasers have been enjoyed for over 38 years.

Our Specialties

WoodChaCallI Toy Crafters specializes in products specifically designed for Child Care Centres. We'll work with you to address your reviewing/licensing officers concerns.

Our legal business name is WoodChaCallIt Toy and Wood Crafters and we handcraft and sell the Toy Maker of Lunenburg products.

Toy Maker of Lunenburg is known for its wooden toys, games, and brain teasers that are available in craft markets and retail stores across Canada.