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Math Counting and Fraction Learning Tools

$35.00 CAD

Working with physical objects can help children visualize math and grasp the concepts better. I asked Ray to make me these learning aids when I was helping our elementary grade kids with online learning.

In our home, we have used these learning aids for grades 1 to 6.

The dice have no 1s or 2s so that you can get higher number combinations. We suggest that the player rolls the dice and adds, multiplies, subtracts, creates a story problem with the numbers that she/he rolled. We often roll and add or multiply the numbers and do that many jumping jacks, stretches, hops, tickles, and so on. The dice are helpful when working on the 7, 8, and 9 multiplication tables.

The rods with then beads and loose beads are great to do 2 digit addition and substractions. It is nice to have physical moving parts while doing math.

The fraction strips are very handy when first learning about fractions. It’s easier to get an idea of what ½ plus ¼ is if you can see it right in front of you and can physically compare it to the size of a 1.

You can choose to buy the dice (6), roods with beads (12 ten rods and 25 loose beads), or the fraction strips separately or as a full set.

 The full set includes

  • 12 ten rods and 25 loose beads
  • 6 wooden dice, 4 with single digits and 2 dice with 2 digits
  • wooden fraction strips from 1 to 1/12 and with extra 1/2 (2), 1/3 (3), 1/4 (4), and 1/5 (5) fractions
  • a cotton bag for storage
The dice and fraction strips are made from plywood. The rods and beads are made from solid wood